Barcode Labels

At LSS we specialise in manufacturing Barcode labels.

We use many methods of printing allowing us to manufacture labels with all types of barcodes including QR codes which are becoming increasingly popular as they can be easily read by mobile phones.

Most of our labels can be printed with barcodes, company logos and incorporate company colours (unless chosing from our single colour range)

Most Common Types of Barcode Labels

Code 39 An alphanumeric barcode which is an industry standard

code 39 barcode labels

Code 128 An alphanumeric barcode which is an industry standard

code 128 barcode

EAN-8 A barcode used by the retail industry when space is limited.

EAN-8 barcode

EAN-13 Most common barcode within the retail sector.

EAN-13 barcode

UPC-A A code for point of sale in retail stores.

UPC A barcode

QR Code Becoming a very common barcode as can be read by a mobile phone.

qr barcode

Datamatrix A high density barcode that is ideal for very small areas.

datamatrix barcode

Retail Barcode Labels

If you are looking to launch a new product, or require a barcode for an existing one but don’t already have a unique retail barcode number, you have to contact an organisation They are an international organisation and do require a small fee for their service.

We can manufacture labels with any form of barcode, so if you cannot see what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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