Product Range

Below you will find a complete range of labels and tags as a result a large variety of asset labels, security tags and product labels. 

Asset Labels and Tags Product Range

If the particular label that you require is not here, then please contact us with you enquiry. We will be able to help you.

There are many types of asset labels and tags available:
Plain Asset Labels made from tough polyester printed in one or 2 colours and over laminated. As a result giving protection outside or from cleaning fluids.

Tamper Proof made from a thin gauge white vinyl with a strong adhesive. Therefore the labels will break into tiny pieces on removal

Tamper Evident so where any attempt is made to remove or transfer the label, the word ‘VOID’ will appear. On both the surface of the product and the label itself.

760 Micron are made from a durable plastic that can be printed in Full Colour or in a Single Colour. Backed with 3M468 adhesive consequently giving this tag a very strong bond.

Metalon Labels are made from a mix of polyester and vinyl. As a result giving the appearance of being made from metal.

Single Colour Asset labels Available in White Plain, Silver Hi-Bond, Silver ‘VOID’ and White Tamper-proof. Single Size 51mm x 25mm

Not sure if you should be tagging your assets? check out Fixed Assets Tags for Better Physical Control

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