Simple Security Tagging can prevent theft of property

Security Tagging is a simple solution for marking property and preventing theft. The thief will in most cases move on to an easier target. The aim for the thief is to resell the stolen item.

For many years Laptops have been an easy target for thieves. Because of the increase in tablet sales throughout the UK, the market for reselling stolen equipment has become even bigger.

security tags for permanent marking

These Security Tags can be customised with the owners details.

However due to manufacturing advancements, measures to safeguard laptops has become somewhat easier. So using security tagging, an individual can mark the equipment with owner information. The result is the resale of the stolen laptop becomes more difficult.

How security tagging can be used in protecting laptops:

Security tagging is one of the easiest ways through which a person can add user identity to a laptop, notebook or tablet. The tags are usually made from plastic or metal. They are glued to the laptop using a strong security adhesive. This makes the tag almost impossible to remove. As a result, if removal is possible there will be adhesive left on the item. Some have reversed tattoos hence leaving a message on the item. This makes resale extremely difficult.

Etching alongside Security labels is another successful way of marking items.

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