Advantages of Barcoding

Barcodes Improve Operational Efficiency

inventory software databaseKeeping manual logs can be tedious, time consuming and inaccurate. Barcodes allow faster and much more precise recording of data, work in progress can move quickly and be tracked precisely. Much time can be spent tracking down the location or status of equipment, or anything that moves within a company sometimes over many sites. Barcodes allow you to keep better track consequently saving time and money and allowing quicker response to changes and enquiries.

Barcodes Save Time

Depending on the task involved, time saving can be meaningful. Often the most significant examples can be found by taking an inventory. A possible example of this could be a team of 25 working over a weekend to take a stock inventory manually, compared to a team of 4 with reduced time to just 5 hours working with barcodes. Take a standard day-to-day operation where  time is saved and productivity is improved because of the use of barcodes. Booking in a shipment of 10 boxes will take approximately 2 minutes plus to write down shipment codes and serial numbers, compared to around 10 to 20 seconds to scan the barcodes. This can be a huge saving in a busy environment.advantages of barcodes

Barcodes Reduce Errors

Errors in entering data can be very costly and cause serious issues for a business such as higher transport costs, unhappy clients, and down time spent sorting out problems that have been caused. The typical error rate for human data entry is 10 per 1000 characters. Barcode scanners are much more accurate; the error rate can be as good as 1 error in 70 million characters when using laser reader technology.

Barcodes Cut Costs

In short, barcodes are able to reduce costs when used to solve local audit issues or integrated into large worldwide information systems when imported into suitable software, which in most cases can be customised to suit particular requirements.

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