Labels and Asset Management Software Benefits

Labels with a barcode combined with asset management software will ensure that your office equipment is labelled appropriately.

labels with asset management software

Labels are an important office accessory.

Using asset labels to tag laptops, expensive equipment and other valuable office related items along with capturing their identities to import into asset management software enables administrators and management to easily locate items when required.

A couple of other benefits of using asset labelling are below:

Proof of ownership

Many insurance companies now ask for a proof of ownership from an asset registry before allocating insurance cover. Asset tags with collected electronic data are normally considered as proof of ownership and help the firms to insure their items at the correct level.
The above mentioned business benefits have contributed to the increasing use of asset labels.

Deters possible theft

A security tag can deter opportunist thieves. Police recommend such systems as the thief will tend to go onto an easier target and also items can be returned to the rightful owner if clearly labelled.